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Welcome to Inner City Games Designs, an independent game publishing company that started its life at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana campus back in 1982.  The company was founded around our a role playing game called Inner City, and was dedicated to making games that were somewhat different from the standard fair.  Although role-playing games set in modern cities with lots of blazing guns are now common place, our commitment to the ideal that humor, action, and something a bit different make for a guaranteed good time remains. 

Inner City Games Designs is probably best known for our Fuzzy Heroes line of miniature gaming products; products that use stuffed toys and action figures as miniature combatants in 3-D strategic simulations.  These games are designed to be introductory for those new to the miniatures hobby, but with both enough depth and humor to engage the veteran miniatures gamer as well.  We still make Fuzzy Heroes, and in fact are gearing up for another set of both games and comics for this line.  We also make several independent toy related games including Very Large Creature (stuffed toys vs. miniatures) and Sports Fuzz! (3-D football using toys, beer bottles or whatever you happen to have lying around).

We also make a series of ready-to-play micro games that come in three varieties: miniatures games that use readily available (cheap) plastic toys as miniatures (War PIGs – rules for use with Plastic Infantry Guys being our most popular), fully contained board games (like Who’s Your Daddy? and Lemmings In Space!), and parodies of other hobby games that are not really playable, but are fun to read for gaming hobby veterans (anything by renowned author Hugh Betcha).

We continue to make several games a year, but we haven’t forgotten our roots.  If it’s a humorous game packed by a solid set of rules to ensure good replay value, or if its about stuffed toys, or if its just a game unlike anything you have seen before, its probably made here, at Inner City Games Designs.  Come on inside and see what we’re up to…




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